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Volume: 73 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 14<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Stabilization of the motions of mechanical systems with variable masses
A.S. Andreyev and R.B. Zainetdinov
The dynamics of an omni-mobile vehicle
A.A. Zobova and Ya.V. Tatarinov
The problem of the time-optimal control of spacecraft reorientation
M.V. Levskii
The reconstruction of controls by regularization methods with uneven stabilizers
M.A. Korotkii
Simultaneous multiple capture in a simple pursuit problem
A.I. Blagodatskikh
A hydrodynamic interpretation of a problem in the theory of the dimensional electrochemical machining of metals
N.M. Minazetdinov
Functions of a complex variable in problems in the theory of elasticity with mass forces
G.Z. Sharafutdinov
The interpolation solution of the second basic plane problem of the dynamics of elastic solids
Ye.A. Shirokova
Soliton-like lamb waves
S.V. Kuznetsov
The vibrations and stability of a prestressed plate on an elastic foundation
P.Ye. Tovstik
A non-equilibrium model of a porous medium saturated with immiscible fluids
V.I. Kondaurov
Problems of cuts in a composite elastic wedge
V.M. Aleksandrov and D.A. Pozharskii
Results of the XXII International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
F.L. Chernousĺko, A.V. Manzhirov, and I.V. Simonov
Letter to the editor
Volume: 73 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 14<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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