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Volume: 72 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Sergei Alekseyevich Khristianovich: (the 100th Anniversary of his Birth)
The passage through resonance of synchronous electric motors mounted on an elastic base
G.A. Leonov
Cluster dynamics of a uniform chain of dissipatively coupled rotators
N.N. Verichev, S.N. Verichev, and V.I. Yerofeyev
Chelomei's problem of the stabilization of a statically unstable rod by means of a vibration
A.A. Seyranian and A.P. Seyranian
The dynamics of the weakly perturbed motion of a liquid-filled gyroscope and the control problem
A.A. Gurchenkov, V.V. Korneyev, and M.V. Nosov
Controlled rolling of a disc along a plane curve
L.D. Akulenko
The pursuitľevasion problem in a discrete version of the hamstrung car game
M.B. Ruziboyev
An estimate of the error of the linearized equations of motion of an axisymmetric projectile
B.I. Konosevich
The acoustic theory of the interaction of a shock wave, having an exponential relaxation zone, with a porous medium
A.Sh. Sultanov and V.Sh. Shagapov
Steady cooling and global overheating processes in a hazardous reactor
V.P. Maslov and I.A. Molotkov
The problem of the failure of a dam in two-layer shallow water (linear approximation)
P.Ye. Karabut and V.V. Ostapenko
Unsteady behaviour of a heterogeneous elastic beam floating on shallow water
I.V. Sturova
A model for describing near-resonance oscillations in an elastic layer
A.G. Kulikovskii and Ye.I. Sveshnikova
A theory of dislocations and disclinations in elastic plates
L.M. Zubov and A.V. Stolpovskii
Static and dynamic beam forms of the loss of stability of a long orthotropic cylindrical shell under external pressure
V.N. Paimushin
International memorial conference dedicated to Valentin Vital' evich Rumyantsev
The academician V. V. Rumyantsev seminar (History and Outlook)
Volume: 72 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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