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Table of Contents
The flow of a combustible mixture with a Chapman-Jouguet detonation wave around a cone
A.N. Kraiko and N.I. Tillyayeva
A comparative analysis of approaches for investigating hypersonic flow over blunt bodies in a transitional regime
I.G. Brykina, B.V. Rogov, G.A. Tirskiy, V.A. Titarev, and S.V. Utyuzhnikov
Possible way of closing the chain of equations for the statistical moments in turbulence theory
E.V. Teodorovich
Non-linear waves on shallow water under an ice cover. Higher order expansions
M.B. Kochanov, N.A. Kudryashov, and D.I. Sinel'shchikov
The reduction in the vapour pressure in a closed volume due to condensation at the contact interface with a cold liquid
N.S. Khabeyev, V.Sh. Shagapov, and Yu.A. Yumagulova
The property of orthogonality and energy transfer by three-dimensional eigenwaves in transversely isotropic laminated plates with and without contact with a liquid
D.D. Zakharov
Surface acoustic waves in the testing of layered media. The waves’ sensitivity to variations in the properties of the individual layers
R.V. Goldstein and S.V. Kuznetsov
Modelling of the forced motions of an elastic beam using the method of integrodifferential relations
G.V. Kostin
The axisymmetric mixed problem of elasticity theory for a cone clamped along its side surface with an attached spherical segment
N.D. Vaisfel’d, G.Ya. Popov, and V.V. Reut
A film coating on a rough surface of an elastic body
M.A. Grekov and S.A. Kostyrko
A bilateral asymptotic method of solving the integral equation of the contact problem of the torsion of an elastic half-space inhomogeneous in depth
S.M. Aizikovich and A.S. Vasiliev
A method for the experimental determination of the viscoelastic properties of a cylindrical sample
A.V. Boiko and V.M. Kulik
A phenomenological method of calculating the residual stresses and plastic deformations in a hollow surface-hardened cylindrical sample
V.P. Radchenko and M.N. Saushkin
Extrusion of a plastic material from a circular sector with a small apex angle and a sink at the vertex
D.V. Georgiyevskii
The solution of the unloading wave problem
A.A. Bolotov and Yu.A. Dem'yanov
Results of the XXIII International Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
S.A. Lychev and F.L. Chernous’ko
Gorimir Gorimirovich Chernyi
Volume: 77 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2013 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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