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Volume: 76 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
A new linear invariant relation of the Poincaré-Zhukovskii equations
V.Yu. Ol'shanskii
Optimal reorientation of a spacecraft's orbit using a jet thrust orthogonal to the orbital plane
Yu.N. Chelnokov
The motion of a satellite in the gravitational field of a viscoelastic planet
A.V. Shatina and Ye.V. Sherstnev
Discontinuous solutions of the shallow water equations in a channel with an abrupt change in the cross sectional area
V.V. Ostapenko
The effect of surface curvature on the boundary conditions in the viscous shock layer model for hypersonic rarefied gas flow
I.G. Brykina, B.V. Rogov, G.A. Tirskiy, and S.V. Utyuzhikov
Analytical and numerical results in the kinetics of particle coagulation and fragmentation processes
V.N. Piskunov
A procedure for optimizing laterally loaded stiffened panels (the "Bubnov in Monte Carlo" algorithm)
M.D. Motok and J. Jovovic
A modification of the method of continuous prolongation for finding the bifurcation solutions of steady-state self-adjoint boundary value problems
Ye.A. Lopanitsyn and A.B. Frolov
The dynamic problem for an elastic half-space with asymmetric normal loading of its boundary
M.V. Dolotov and I.D. Kill
Identification of an object in an elastic layer of constant thickness: the antiplane problem
K.M. El-Morabie
Analytical solution of the stochastic steady-state creep boundary value problem for a thick-walled tube
N.N. Popov and V.P. Radchenko
Volume: 76 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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