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Volume: 76 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The method of characteristics in ideal plasticity problems
B.D. Annin, M.M. Klunnikova, O.V. Sadovskaya, and V.M. Sadovskii
Identification of the properties of an inhomogeneous electroelastic medium
I.V. Bogachev, A.O. Vatulyan, and O.V. Yavruyan
The plane problem of the impact of a rigid body on a half-space modelled by a Cosserat medium
Ye.M. Suvorov, D.V. Tarlakovskii, and G.V. Fedotenkov
Some new applications of the invariant integrals of mechanics
G.P. Cherepanov
A dynamic contact problem for a thermoelastic prestressed layer
T.I. Belyankova, V.V. Kalinchuk, and G.Yu. Suvorova
Damage and rupture of thick homogeneous and double-layer plates due to bending under a rigid punch
A.V. Kolomiyets-Romanenko and V.N. Kukudzhanov
Contact problems for a triple-layer strip in the presence of friction forces
Ye.M. Kolosova and M.I. Chebakov
The action of a strip punch on a transversely isotropic half-space
D.B. Davtyan and D.A. Pozharskii
The three-dimensional contact problem for a wedge-shaped valve
V.M. Aleksandrov and D.A. Pozharskii
A numerical analysis of the contact of rough viscoelastic bodies in the presence of a layer of viscous lubricant
I.G. Goryacheva and P.P. Usov
Modelling of a punch with a regular base relief sliding along a viscoelastic foundation with a liquid lubricant
I.G. Goryacheva and A.G. Shpenev
Influence of complete sticking on the indentation of a rigid cone into an elastic half-space in the presence of molecular adhesion
F.M. Borodich, B.A. Galanov, Yu.I. Prostov, and M.M. Suarez-Alvarez
The use of the method of successive approximations to calculate an elastic contact in the presence of molecular adhesion
I.A. Soldatenkov
The contact problem for a periodic cluster of microcontacts
I.I. Argatov
Stick-slip waves between elastic and rigid half-spaces
H.D. Bui and A. Oueslati
Contact interaction of bodies with a periodic relief during partial slip
I.G. Goryacheva, N.I. Malanchuk, and R.M. Martynyak
Lev Aleksandrovich Galin (On the 100th anniversary of his birth)
Volume: 76 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 17<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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