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Volume: 76 • Issue: 4 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Guarantee optimization in functional-differential systems with a control aftereffect
M.I. Gomoyunov and N.Yu. Lukoyanov
Invariant manifolds of Hamilton's equations
V.V. Kozlov
The rotations of a pendulum excited by a high-frequency harmonic variation of its length
A.P. Markeyev
Free harmonic oscillations in systems with homogeneous elements
I.P. Popov
The vibrational energy and control of pendulum systems
P.O. Bulanchuk and A.G. Petrov
Gravitational stabilization of a satellite using a movable mass
V.S. Aslanov and S.P. Bezglasnyi
The reducibility of linear second-order time-varying systems with control and observation
V.I. Kalenova and V.M. Morozov
Hamiltonian normal forms in the neighbourhoods of collinear libration points in the restricted circular three body problem
M.M. Shunderyuk
The asymptotic stability of the relative equilibria of point masses in a weakly resistive medium in the gravitational field of a rotating ellipsoid
S.F. Zhuravlev
Stability of the collinear libration points of the photogravitational three-body problem with an internal fourth order resonance
N.V. Tkhai
The behaviour of the period of symmetrical periodic motions
V.N. Tkhai
The amplification of weak shock waves in axisymmetric supersonic flow and their reflection from an axis of symmetry
N.P. Isakova, A.N. Kraiko, K.S. Pyankov, and N.I. Tillyayeva
Noise-Induced Oscillations in the flow of Concentrated Suspensions
I.A. Bashkirtseva, A.Yu. Zubarev, L.Yu. Iskakova, and L.B. Ryashko
The two-dimensional problem of the electrochemical machining of metals with a periodic cathode tool
N.M. Minazetdinov
The problem of optimizing the torsional rigidity of a prismatic body about a cross section
K. Majidzadeh, M.M. Mutallimov, and A.A. Niftiyev
The anisotropic creep of metals
I.Yu. Tsvelodub
Analytical solutions of problems of the adiabatic compression of thick-walled spherical and cylindrical shells made of incompressible viscoplastic material
A.B. Kiselev
Nikolai Nikolayevich Krasovskii (7 September 1924-4 April 2012)
Volume: 76 • Issue: 4 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 18<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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