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Volume: 73 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Analysis of the steady motions of the tippe top
A.A. Zobova and A.V. Karapetyan
The influence of the inertial properties of the parts of gimbals on the dynamics of a rigid body
I.L. Antonov
Construction of stability regions in the three-body problem using parameter elimination
A.L. Kunitsyn
The stability of the equilibrium of a pendulum of variable length
L.D. Akulenko and S.V. Nesterov
Stability and branching of the relative equilibria of a three-link pendulum in a rapidly rotating frame of reference
A.P. Yevdokimenko
Double-pulse cotangential transfers between coplanar elliptic orbits
V.G. Adamyan, L.V. Adamyan, G.M. Zaimtsyan, and L.T. Manandyan
Variational approaches to solving initial-boundary-value problems in the dynamics of linear elastic systems
G.V. Kostin and V.V. Saurin
Eigenfrequencies and modified eigenmodes of a rectangular plate with free edges
S.V. Bosakov
The equations of the perturbed motion of a rocket as a thin-walled structure with a liquid
V.A. Buzhinskii
Shape optimization in contact problems of the theory of elasticity with incomplete external loading data
N.V. Banichuk and S.Yu. Ivanova
The plane contact problem for a prestressed incompressible elastic layer
V.M. Aleksandrov and L.A. Kostyreva
Redistribution of finite elastic strains after the formation of inclusions. Approximate analytical solution
K.M. Zingerman and V.A. Levin
The compression of a thin strip of material in a superplasticity state
I.A. Kiiko
Solution of the plane stochastic creep boundary value problem
L.V. Kovalenko, N.N. Popov, and V.P. Radchenko
Averaging of a finely laminated elastic medium with roughness or adhesion on the contact surfaces of the layers
I.I. Argatov
The evolution of the mass of a “preserved” chemical spill as it moves with the river current
S.S. Grigoryan
Volume: 73 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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