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Table of Contents
Reuben Casper Glass (18 October 1929 - 24 December 2015)
Periodic motions of a gyrostat satellite with a large gyrostatic moment about the centre of mass
V.V. Sazonov and A.V. Troitskaya
The stability of periodic linear oscillations of a satellite about the direction of the major axis of an elliptic orbit
T.E. Churkina
Resonance oscillations in some systems with aftereffect
V.S. Sergeev
Bifurcations of the relative equilibria of a heavy bead on a hoop uniformly rotating about an inclined axis with dry friction
D.V. Balandin and E.S. Shalimova
The use of Rodrigues-Hamilton parameters in interpreting the motion of a rigid body with a fixed point
G.V. Gorr and A.M. Kovalev
On the effective viscosity of a dilute suspension of rigid spherical particles
O.B. Gusíkov
A three-dimensional semi-empirical model of a far turbulent wake
O.V. Kaptsov and A.V. Shmidt
Diffraction of cylindrical sound waves by an elastic sphere with an inhomogeneous coating
L.A. Tolokonnikov
Refinement of the asymptotic expansions when solving the spatial problem of the bending and twisting of composite bars
A.P. Yankovskii
Optimal control of a thin rigid inclusion intersecting the boundary of an elastic body
A.M. Khludnev
The axisymmetric contact problem of the indentation of a conical punch into a half-space with a coating inhomogeneous in depth
S.M. Aizikovich, A.S. Vasilíev, and S.S. Volkov
Non-linear longitudinal oscillations of a viscoelastic rod in Kelvin's model
Yu.A. Chirkunov
The transformation of cuts in the conformational mapping of circular polygons in problems of liquid and gas mechanics
E.N. Bereslavskii
Letter to the Editorial Board
Yu.P. Bychkov
Volume: 79 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2015 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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