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Volume: 79 • Issue: 4 • Year: 2015 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The motion control of a wheeled mobile robot
A.S. Andreyev and O.A. Peregudova
The motion of a two-dimensional body, controlled by two moving internal masses, in an ideal fluid
S.M. Ramodanov and V.A. Tenenev
Linear invariant relations of Kirchhoff's equations
V.Yu. Ol'shanskii
A smoothing filter based on an analogue of a Kalman filter for a guaranteed estimation of the state of dynamical systems
A.M. Shmatkov
Two-dimensional solutions of the shallow water equations in the neighbourhood of a shoreline
S.P. Bautin and S.L. Deryabin
Mass transfer by a cylinder rotating in a fluid
A.G. Petrov
Near-threshold effects of the scattering of waves in a distorted elastic two-dimensional waveguide
S.A. Nazarov
Love waves in a three-layer elastic half-space
A.V. Kaptsov and S.V. Kuznetsov
Large deformations and limiting states of elastoplastic shells of revolution under combined complex loadings
A.A. Artemĺeva, V.G. Bazhenov, D.A. Kazakov, A.I. Kibets, and Ye.V. Nagornykh
The distinctive features of the collision between an elastoplastic cylinder and a non-deformable obstacle
A.B. Kiselev and A.A. Serezhkin
In Memory of Samvel Samvelovich Grigoryan (18.02.1930-11.04.2015)
Volume: 79 • Issue: 4 • Year: 2015 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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