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Volume: 77 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2013 • Total articles: 12<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The optimization of a guaranteed result with a delay in the control
M.I. Gomoyunov
The optimal pursuit problem reduced to an infinite system of differential equations
G.I. Ibragimov
Bifurcations of the relative equilibria of a gyrostat satellite for a special case of the alignment of its gyrostatic moment
S.V. Chaikin
Steady subsonic boundary layer in domains of local surface heating
M.V. Koroteyev and I.I. Lipatov
Asymptotic properties of the spectrum in the problem on waves in a bounded volume on a two-layer fluid
S.A. Nazarov
On the use of equations of the Fuchs class to calculate seepage from channels and irrigation ditches
E.N. Bereslavskii
Small oscillations of an emulsion of two weakly viscous compressible liquids
A.A. Gavrikov
Sound waves in two-fraction polydispersed bubbly media
D.A. Gubaidullin and Yu.V. Fedorov
The dynamics of the growth of vapour bubbles in a superheated liquid
V.V. Koledin and V.Sh. Shagapov
A strip cut in a transversely isotropic elastic solid
Ye.A. Artamonova and D.A. Pozharskii
The wear of a punch when it slides randomly on a thin elastic layer
I.A. Soldatenkov
The development and deceleration of the flow of an elastoplastic medium in a cylindrical tube
A.A. Burenin and L.V. Kovtanyuk
Volume: 77 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2013 • Total articles: 12<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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