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Volume: 75 • Issue: 2 • Year: 2011 • Total articles: 13<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The papers of M.V. Keldysh in the field of mechanics and applied mathematics: (On the centenary of his birth)
Yu.F. Golubev
The equations of the approximate theory of the motion of a rigid body with a vibrating suspension point
A.P. Markeyev
The asymptotic properties of the motions of satellites in a central field due to internal dissipation
N.I. Amelkin
Normal modes of oscillations of a rotating membrane with a rigid central insert (an application of Heun functions)
V.P. Legostayev, A.V. Subbotin, S.N. Timakov, and Ye.A. Cheremnykh
The steady motions of a three-body system in weightlessness conditions
A.S. Sumbatov
The motion of a point mass on the surface of a smooth funnel
A.P. Blinov
The motion of a body supported at three points on a rough plane
G.M. Rozenblat
The discrete-time bioresource sharing model
V.V. Mazalov and A.N. Rettiyeva
Time-invariant and time-varying discontinuity structures for models described by the generalized Korteweg-Burgers equation
I.B. Bakholdin
The flow of ground waters around a Zhukovskii sheet pile
E.N. Bereslavskii
Cylindrically and spherically symmetrical rapid intense compression of an ideal perfect gas with adiabatic exponents from 1.001 to 3
Kh.F. Valiyev and A.N. Kraiko
The stability of the steady rotation of a system of three equidistant vortices outside a circle
L.G. Kurakin
Trapped surface waves in a periodic layer of a heavy liquid
S.A. Nazarov
Volume: 75 • Issue: 2 • Year: 2011 • Total articles: 13<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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