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Volume: 75 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2011 • Total articles: 13<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
The equations of motion of a collisionless continuum
V.V. Kozlov
Non-linear oscillations of a 1:1 resonance Hamiltonian system
A.P. Markeyev
The reducibility of second-order linear time-varying homogeneous systems
V.I. Kalenova and V.M. Morozov
Resonant instability in multidimensional Lyapunov systems
A.L. Kunitsyn
The ellipsoidal pendulum
A.P. Blinov
Euler's problem and its applications in celestial mechanics and space dynamics
V.V. Anikovskii and S.G. Zhuravlev
The tracking of the trajectory of a dynamical system
V.I. Maksimov
Self-similar time-varying flows of an ideal gas with a change in the adiabatic exponent in a "reflected" shock wave
Kh.F. Valiyev and A.N. Kraiko
The stability of a ring under the action of a linear torque, constant along the perimeter
V.N. Paimushin and N.V. Polyakova
Modelling and analysis of the natural oscillations of a prismatic elastic beam based on a projection approach
G.V. Kostin and V.V. Saurin
The integral equations of plane contact problems for high values of the parameter
V.M. Aleksandrov
The problem of an interface crack with a rigid patch plate on part of its edge
Yu.O. Vasilĺeva and V.V. Silĺvestrov
An asymptotic form of the energy functional for an elastic body with a crack and a rigid inclusion. The plane problem.
Ye.M. Rudoi
Volume: 75 • Issue: 6 • Year: 2011 • Total articles: 13<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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