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Volume: 73 • Issue: 4 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
A two-parameter friction model
A.V. Karapetyan
The brachistochrone problem for a disc
L.D. Akulenko
The invariant manifolds of systems with first integrals
V.D. Irtegov and T.N. Titorenko
The motion of a railway wheelset
V.G. Vil’ke
The dynamics of a "flexible-rotor/limited-power-excitation-source" system
N.N. Verichev, S.N. Verichev, and V.I. Yerofeyev
Bifurcation in a time-optimal problem for a second-order non-linear system
S.A. Reshmin
Extremal aiming in problems with an unknown level of dynamic disturbance
S.A. Ganebnyi, S.S. Kumkov, and V.S. Patsko
The conservation laws and group properties of the equations of gas dynamics with zero velocity of sound
Yu.A. Chirkunov
The design of the iso-velocity contour for the flow past the base of a dam with a confining bed
E.N. Bereslavskii
Solution of plane seepage problems for a multivalued seepage law when there is a point source
I.B. Badriyev, O.A. Zadvornov, L.N. Ismagilov, and E.V. Skvortsov
Dynamics of the pressure relaxation in a "depressurized" borehole
R.M. Khafizov, I.G. Khusainov, and V.Sh. Shagapov
The layered element method in the dynamic theory of elasticity
Ye.V. Glushkov, N.V. Glushkova, A.A. Yeremin, and V.V. Mikhas’kiv
The propagation of shock waves in anisotropic materials
A.A. Luk’yanov and V.B. Pen’kov
An energy approach to the proof of the existence of Rayleigh waves in an anisotropic elastic half-space
I.V. Kamotskii and A.P. Kiselev
The contact problem for a piecewise-homogeneous plane with a semi-infinite inclusion
R.D. Bantsuri and N.N. Shavlakadze
The transient retardation of a rectilinear viscoplastic flow when the loading stresses are abruptly removed
A.A. Burenin, L.V. Kovtanyuk, and A.V. Lushpei
Volume: 73 • Issue: 4 • Year: 2009 • Total articles: 16<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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