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Volume: 72 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
GEORGE HERRMANN: (19th April 1921 - 7th January 2007)
Rahul Kanakia
Anisotropic dry friction and unilateral non-holonomic constraints
V.G. Vilke
Stable ballistic coefficient forms of spatial agglomerations of microparticles in the gravitational-repulsive field of binary stellar systems
A.L. Kunitsyn
The motion of a point mass along a string
A.P. Blinov
The motion of a body with a plane of symmetry over a three-dimensional sphere under the action of a spherical analogue of Newtonian gravitation
A.A. Burov
Identification of the ten inertia parameters of a rigid body
E. Atchonouglo, C. Vallée, T. Monnet, and D. Fortuné
Optimal body design using localized interaction models
A.N. Kraiko and G.E. Yakunina
The properties of asymptotic expansions for the parameters of unsteady transonic flows with axial symmetry
A.N. Bogdanov and V.N. Diesperov
The free interaction of the wall layers with the core of Couette-Poiseuille flow
V.I. Zhuk and I.G. Protsenko
The motions of liquid films in a gas
O.V. Voinov
Methods of analysing ropes. The extension-torsion method
I.P. Getman and Yu.A. Ustinov
The harmonic oscillations of a viscoelastic rod of triangular cross-section
A.D. Chernyshov
The solution of the contact problem for a circular plate
S.V. Bosakov
Three-dimensional contact problems for an elastic wedge with a coating
V.M. Aleksandrov and D.A. Pozharskii
A non-linear wear-contact problem for a Winkler foundation with an increasing contact area
I.A. Soldatenkov
Axisymmetric vibrations of an orthotropic non-uniform cylindrical shell
S.A. Ambartsumyan and M.V. Belubekyan
Boundary-value problems of the asymmetric theory of elasticity for thin plates
S.O. Sargsyan
Asymptotic solutions of coupled dynamic problems of thermoelasticity for isotropic plates
R.S. Gevorgyan
A method of asymptotic expansions of the solutions of the steady heat conduction problem for laminated non-uniform anisotropic plates
Yu.V. Nemirovskii and A.P. Yankovskii
Volume: 72 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2008 • Total articles: 19<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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