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Since 2018, translations of PMM's articles have been published in special issues of the journals Mechanics of Solids and Fluid Dynamics:

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In English (J. Appl. Math. Mech.): 799

Volume: 78 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2014 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
A method for analytically representing area-preserving mappings
A.P. Markeyev
Integrable cases of the problem of the free motion of a gyrostat
V.S. Aslanov
The stability of the relative equilibrium in an EarthľMoon orbital station system with a small reactive acceleration
A.L. Kunitsyn
Bifurcations of the relative equilibria of a heavy bead on a rotating hoop with dry friction
A.A. Burov and I.A. Yakushev
Optimal control of the rotation of a system of two bodies connected by an elastic rod
Ye.P. Kubyshkin
A new solution of the equilibrium equations of a system of bodies with elastic joints
I.A. Bolgrabskaya and N.N. Shchepin
Diffraction of a non-stationary linearly inhomogeneous acoustic wave which slides off a semi-infinite soft screen
D.P. Kouzov and Yu.A. Solovĺeva
Exact and asymptotic solutions of the equation of internal gravity waves in a wedge-shaped region
V.V. Bulatov and Yu.V. Vladimirov
Regions of existence of discrete spectral modes in a Blasius boundary layer
S.V. Manuilovich
Analysis of non-linear stochastic oscillations by the averaging method
Zh.B. Bakirov and V.F. Mikhailov
Numerical modelling of the plane problem of the stress state of a tube immersed in a liquid
A.O. Kazakova and A.G. Terentĺev
The symmetry of the thermoelastic properties of quasicrystals
M.Yu. Sokolova and D.V. Khristich
A group analysis of the equations of the dynamic transversely isotropic elastic model
B.D. Annin, N.F. Belĺmetsev, and Yu.A. Chirkunov
In Memory of Lev Vasilĺevich Ovsyannikov: (22.04.1919 - 23.05.2014)
The XIth All-Russian Congress on Fundamental Problems of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Volume: 78 • Issue: 5 • Year: 2014 • Total articles: 15<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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