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Since 2018, translations of PMM's articles have been published in special issues of the journals Mechanics of Solids and Fluid Dynamics:

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Volume: 76 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
Table of Contents
Optimal control of the rectilinear motion of a two-body system in a resistive medium
N.N. Bolotnik, T.Yu. Figurina and F.L. Chernousko
The statistical mechanics of a class of dissipative systems
V.V. Kozlov
The non-linear oscillations of a pendulum of variable length on a vibrating base
P.S. Krasilnikov
Non-linear oscillations of a satellite at 1:1:1 resonance
A.P. Markeyev
The stability of the parametric oscillations of second-order non-linear systems
A.A. Zevin and L.A. Filonenko
Stability sets of multiparameter Hamiltonian systems
A.B. Batkhin, A.D. Bruno and V.P. Varin
The virtual mass of a sphere in a suspension of spherical particles
O.B. Guskov
The virtual mass coefficients of a circular cylinder moving in an ideal fluid between parallel walls
A.A. Kharlamov
The optimal conical twist of a delta wing
S.A. Takovitskii
An additional component of the deformation force resisting the sliding of elastic bodies
I.A. Soldatenkov
Axisymmetric contact problems for a prestressed incompressible elastic layer
V.M. Aleksandrov
Volume: 76 • Issue: 1 • Year: 2012 • Total articles: 11<< Previous issue | Next issue >>
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