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"Vladimir Ignatĺevich Kondaurov: 8 March 1947-27 October 2010," J. Appl. Math. Mech. 75 (1), 119-120 (2011)
Year 2011 Volume 75 Issue 1 Pages 119-120
Title Vladimir Ignatĺevich Kondaurov: 8 March 1947-27 October 2010
Abstract After a long and serious illness, Vladimir Ignatĺevich Kondaurov, Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, a prominent scientist in the field of continuum mechanics and thermodynamics and a member of the editorial board of Prikladnaya Matematika i Mekhanika, has died.

He graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Aerodynamics and Space Research of the Moscow of Physics and Technology Institute (MIPT) in 1971. On completion of his postgraduate studies in the Department of Elasticity and Plasticity Theory of the MIPT, and depending his Candidate Dissertation, he worked in the department (which later became the Department of Mechanics of Composite Materials) as a senior research fellow. From 1979 to 1990 he was a senior research fellow at the Institute of Earth Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences and taught at the MIPT. In 1988 he became a Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, having defended his dissertation at the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1991 he became a professor. In the period from 1991 to 1993 he was head of the Department of Physics and pro-rector of studies at the Moscow Technological Institute. From 1993 onwards he was head of the Laboratory of Pulsed Effect Thermophysics of the United Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a professor of the Department of High Energy Density Physics of the Faculty of Applied Physics and Power Engineering of the MIPT. In the period from 1998 to 2000 he was pro-rector of studies at the MIPT. From 2000 until his last days he was head of Continuum Mechanics and a Professor in the Department of Applied Mechanics of the MIPT.

He was recognized by the scientific community as the greatest specialist in the field of continuum fracture mechanics, the theory of phase transitions in solids and the mathematical modelling of dynamic processes in elastoplastic media. In recent years, his scientific interests were focused on the mechanics and thermodynamics of saturated porous media, primarily as applied to problems of the oil and gas industry.

He formulated a new law of the conservation of compatibility of finite strains and velocities, which served as the basis for the symmetrization of systems of equations on non-linear thermoelasticity and the construction of numerical methods that were conservative with respect to all vector components of the solution. A model of phase transitions of the first kind in thermoelastic bodies was developed, taking into account the non-hydrostatic stress state of the material, and an analogue of Clausius-Clapeyron equations for solid-phase transitions was formulated. He proposed a new approach to describing the dispensive fracture of solids, explicity taking into account the irreversible conversion of elastic energy into the surface energy of microcracks. For a saturated porous medium, the general form of the constitutive equations necessary and sufficient to satisfy the principles of objectivity and thermodynamic compatibility was formulated. On the basis of the results obtained, a number of important scientific and applied problems were solved: the deformation and failure of barriers on high-velocity impact, taking into account the large strains and complex rheological properties of the barrier and the disintegration and evaporation of low-strength asteroids when they enter the Earth's atmosphere and the atmosphere of planets for predicting the catastrophic consequences of the collision of a cosmic body with a planet. A thermodynamically substantiated model of the non-equilibrium seepage of immiscible fluids in a porous medium was developed, making it possible to optimize processes of the displacement of oil and gas from a stratum, and a new phenomenological theory of phase transitions in saturated porous media was developed.

He published over 130 scientific papers and books, including four monographs: The Mechanics of Rock Fracture (1989), The Theoretical Principles of the Rock Rheology (1991), The Principles of the Thermomechanics of a Condensed Medium (2002), and The Mechanics and Thermodynamics of a Saturated Porous Medium (2007).

He was a member of the Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, a scientific manager of the special purpose programme for the training of masters and postgraduates specializing in Physics and technology problems of the development of hydrocarbon fields, a member of the Expert Council of the Department of Earth Sciences of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFFI) and the manager of a number of projects of the RFFI and programmes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He was not only an outstanding scientist but also a talented teacher, knowing how to speak simply and clearly about the most complex things. He always showed composure, kept things simple, was attentive and exceptionally friendly and displayed humility and intelligence.

We mourn the untimely passing of a remarkable man, scientist and teacher, and will always remember him warmly.

The editorial board and staff of Prikladnaya Matematika i Mekhanika express their heartfelt condolences to his loved ones, friends, colleagues and students.
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